Saving on the Cost of a Website

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In order to save money when creating a website, many people opt to use website development software like the one provided by WordPress but even if they do create their own website using software like this, they will still have to pay for a domain name and a host. The domain name is the title which has been given to websites and is the thing that makes them unique, as no 2 sites can have the same domain name.

The host is the servers that will link your website to the worldwide web and thereby ensure it is visible for all to see. Godaddy is a site which can provide you with both those things at a very reasonable price but even so, in order to save even more, go online where there are several sites which can provide you with discount or promo codes for Godaddy. Godaddy is one of the most popular sites for these and they have already provided over 62 million domain names and host many websites.

Getting a good domain name is important as it can tell a potential visitor what the site is about and if it is catchy, it can also be easy for them to remember so that they can easily visit again. A business website is intended of course to attract more potential customers and so if the domain name is something like, a potential visitor will expect it to be a website about shoes.

As more than 50% of online business is made by returning visitors to a website, having a name which is memorable can be a huge advantage but as there are already so many websites online, you may not be able to get your first choice as that may already be taken and so think of 3 or 4 possible names, all of which will be as relevant as each other and if you have problems with that, Godaddy is willing to assist you in finding a name that will be perfect for your site.

Although your domain name will help people to know what your site is about, they still have to see it in the first place and that, without the assistance of SEO, is something they may never do. SEO is the shortened term for Search Engine Optimization which is what many sites today use to make them more visible online. When any web search is made the search engine will display hundreds of results but it is only the first few that ever get visited and so what SEO does is ensure that a particular website is listed at the top of any relevant search listing and therefore stands a far better chance of being seen by more people.

SEO can also provide links to your site from other sites and if those sites containing your website’s link are popular, it could increase the number of visitors to your site immensely which in turn could increase your business.

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